Thursday, January 25, 2007

It's Robbie Burns' Day

It's time to take down your Christmas lights. You know I'm talking to you Number 144. Look, your lights were gorgeous on December 1st, all pretty and purpley-pink. They were still nice on January 1st. But on 25th January, a full month past our blessed Saviour's birth, mind you, I'm fed up with seeing them. I'm thinking of starting a petition. You don't even have to take the strands down, just unplug them. We're neighbours. Be a pal.

So, it's Robbie Burns Day today. A day where Scots and people of Scottish descent partake in their fine drink and cuisine. MmmmMM. Nothing says lovin' like a haggis in the oven. And the skirl of the pipes? Hair-raising. And don't get me started on scotch. Actually I love the Scots. Scott's part Scot. Two of my oldest friends Karen and Marianne were born in East Kilbride. Their accents were to die for when we first met but now they sound just like me, poor girls.

So, Slainte Mhath my Scottish buddies! Have a great day. Keep warm and give someone a hug, too. It's also National Hugging Day.