Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dreamcatchers and whatnot (mostly whatnot)

I was driving down the highway today and noticed that someone had a dreamcatcher hanging from their rear-view mirror. You know dreamcatchers... that Native ornament used to strain your dreams catching the bad ones in the net. How odd to have one in your car. It occurred to me that maybe the driver would like to not crash while dozing his way down the 417. That sure would be a nightmare.

Then I thought about the braille writing on the drive-through ATM buttons. I thought that was weird at first. I mean blind drivers? What next? Fat-free french fries? Sign me up. Anyway, then I realized that there probably is a button factory somewhere that makes all ATM buttons and making numbers only ones and separating them just for the drive-through would be a major pain so they just used what they have providing juicy and irresistible fodder for comedians and bloggers alike.

So that's what I was thinking about on my way home from work. What about you?