Tuesday, January 16, 2007


You are a very smart boy. Do you know how capable you are? Keep working as hard as you are. You are an excellent influence on others. Thank you.
Mme. Kondric"

Do you believe this? This is a note Elliott got last week from his teacher on a spelling test he did where he got 12/10. The 2 bonus marks were for knowing about Clarence Birdseye's freezing process. I know.

Where did he get his smarts from? Definitely his dad. I have no illusions about that one. He's one of those cool all-around kids who is smart, cute, athletic and well-liked by his teachers and friends. If I was in grade 5, I'd have the biggest crush on him. Okay, I'm his mum and I have a therapy inducing crush anyway. Now if only he'd bathe more often and stop wearing that grungy Gap sweatshirt...

Still, I'm lucky to have a neat kid like this.