Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What a good mother I am

After two days of slugging around the house (seriously... I haven't showered since the weekend and Audrey has been wearing only underwear since Monday) we actually did something. Scott left us the car and we went to Little Ray's Reptile Zoo.

My friend Julie and her 2 kids came with us and off we went. Thirty minutes later when we pulled up to the place, I wasn't too sure of what to expect. It was a redone strip mall and looked tiny. On the website it said that the admission was $38 for a family and I was really starting to regret dragging us all out there. And the smell. Who thought that lizards could stink so bad?

After our "we're sisters-in-law so can we get in as a one family?" ruse didn't work (hey, it did at Upper Canada Village), we ponied up the dough and had a look around. The place was a twisty, turny maze of lizards, crocs, bugs and frogs. I saw an anaconda that was 12 inches around. Halfway through the tour there was a demonstration where you got to touch some of the animals and yours truly held a tarantula in her hand. If you know me in real life, you'd know that I do a visual bug sweep and fatally gas anything that moves before I go to bed. Spiders are the creepiest for me. I'll gas spiders that are on the outside of my bedroom screen for goodness sake. So having a tarantula in my palm was amazing and exhilarating. Believe it or not, it's feet felt like pussywillows. I kid you not.

After we watched them feed mice to the alligators, we saw a bird of prey show. There was a vulture, owl, hawk and falcon buzzing the crowd. We all stood up and one of the birds flew around us, it's wings brushing Audrey's hair. So so cool.

So since I was a good mum today, I guess I can have a pass for tomorrow when I fully intend on going back to the nothing thing. Don't worry, We'll get out Friday. Hopefully.

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