Friday, August 25, 2006

A couple of you asked me a while ago how I add links here

I guess it's time for a tutorial. Which I actually find hilarious as what I know about computers can fit in the indentations the keys make on my forehead as it bangs frustratedly on the keyboard.

Anyway, here's how I link. Frankly I'd prefer to have the links open in a new window but how can I put this? D'uuuh...

I write what I want in the little blog box. Then I highlight it with my mouse. Above the blog input box there's a little world icon with a chain link in front of it. When you click the icon a box should come up with what you've highlighted in the "text" area. Copy and paste where you want to link into the "URL" section then click "insert link". Voila. The text in the body of your blog should come up underlined and purple and ready to go.

I have to admit I love when I know something computer-y and people ask me how I did it. The best advice that I ever got when it comes to computers was from Scott when he told me "you can NOT break the computer". I've learned that it takes at least 2 keystrokes to delete any file and that eating toast over the keyboard is a bad idea. At least now I know how to pop off the keys to blow away that errant chunk of whole wheat crust. See, I'm learning.

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