Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Aaahhh, the Emmys

I know I'm a day late but I had to post that heartwarming story yesterday. What can I say? I'm a big old softie.

I love the Emmys. Even more than the Oscars since I've seen all or part of every tv show involved. And if I haven't watched the show, I know everything interesting about it. TV. It's what's for breakfast. And of course who doesn't love the Emmy fashions? And who doesn't feel a little schadenfreude at the stars who try to look hot but end up looking like they were dragged backwards through a hedge?

Favourite Moments, Clothing Edition:
Loved that tons of women wore purple. But my favourite of the night? Heidi Klum. How pretty was she in that red toga maternity dress? If only I looked 1/10th of that good when I was pregnant, I'd have 14 kids. Yucky dress of the night? Virginia Madsen. Umm, honey? It was the Emmys... not the "golden globes". Sight that made me want to gouge out my eyes: Simon Cowell's chest hair.

Favourite Moment, Pre-Show:
Jeremy Piven making Billy Bush look like an ass. Not that it's hard. But Piven totally threw him off and I love it. Ahhh, the wonder and glory that is live tv.

Favourite Moment, Showtime:
I can't choose between Conan's opening montage, his hilarious monologue or his "Trouble in River City" parody. And Helen Mirren making everyone say "ass over tit" over and over again? Loved it! Oh, and Bob Newhart in the airtight glass case and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as a member of the finally cool Ernst and Young accounting team? Gold. I can't decide.

Boring Moments, Showtime: I'm sorry but I hate the backslapping, tearful, "heartfelt" tributes. Aaron Spelling, Dick Clark and Barry Manilow were only excuses to put my kids to bed, fire up some microwave popcorn and pour a tall cool glass of Orangina while I waited for Conan to come back.

The short version? I loved it. So that's my Emmy recap. A day late and a dollar short as usual. But you do still love me, right? Go on... I know you do.

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