Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Miss me?

Did you pine and wonder where I was all day? Don't worry, I was here and fine all the time.

Scott's home this week waiting for the results of his french oral final exam and as you all know, when he's here he throws me and my schedule way off. Poor guy. He's been picking up the phone after half a ring all day and shooting me daggers when I'm on the phone for more than 5 minutes. He's been learning french for almost a year now and he's anxious to move on so who's to blame him?

Talking about the phone, Ottawa has started this 10 digit dialing thing a few weeks ago. Frankly it's not much of a change, it's only 3 extra numbers, right? WRONG. It's a total pain in the ass. I've been using the phone and dialing 7 numbers for over 30 years so getting used to dialing the area code is the most frustrating thing my middle aged brain has had to grasp over the last few years. I had to re-programme every number in my cell phone. Thank goodness I hardly have any friends. Then I have to deal with the kindness of the good folks at Bell Canada, who, when I forget to dial the area code, will let the phone ring 3 times *then* play the stupid recording telling me that my call hasn't gone through. In both official languages. Grrrr. How many times in the last 8 weeks have I called my neighbour Norah and forgotten the 613? By the time it rings, I hear the first few words of the effing recording, slam the phone down in frustration, swear like a drunken sailor, pick up the phone again, replace the battery that flew out post slammage, and then dial the 10 numbers, I could have gone over to her place, made our plans for the day in person, had a cup of tea and come home. Let it be known throughout the land that I loathe 10 digit dialing. There. Vent over.

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