Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Another fun summer trip

We just got back from being a tourist. I just love downtown and the market and we even did a bit of shopping.

We saw a lot today. My friend Julie came by with her kids and we went to the Rideau Centre. Then it was off to the Market where we wandered through the stalls. So much fresh fruit and veggies and funky clothes, jewellry and purses. We took a walk to Major's Hill Park, then to the art gallery's giant spider sculpture. We went to Notre Dame church where I lit a candle for my mum then to the bookstore to buy a book by an author I met at my friend Kathy's cottage over the weekend. In case you want to buy a book too, her name is Brenda Chapman. Then we came home. Whew.

I love being a tourist in this town. There's so much to see and do and I even took lots of cheesy photos along the way. Another happy day down as we hurtle headlong towards the first day of school.

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