Wednesday, August 2, 2006


All I'm trying to do do find a practical lunchbox. For us, practical would be either hard plastic or metal, domed with a thermos. You know, like those construction worker ones. Sounds easy, eh? Well, it ain't. It's really pissing me off. I've been searching online and in stores and what with it being really close to back to school you'd think there'd be a few out there under $30 each but there isn't. I've been looking. And here I was thinking I was being efficient starting 6 weeks before school begins.

For years I've been buying those crappy vinyl jobs. One a year for each kid. They're about $5 and you seriously get what you pay for. Within a month the vinyl is torn and within a week of that someone spills their milk or juice in it so the spongy padding stuff in the lining smells either like wine or cheese. Or both. So by Christmas it's tossed out and they're using either paper or plastic bags. I'm no tree-hugger but that amount of waste drives me bonkers.

Last year I bought Henry a small, metal Spiderman lunchbox for snack at school. He loved it because it was cool and I loved it because I could run it under the hot water when the inevitable beverage spill occurred. It's pong free. The problem is that it's tiny and with him starting full time school in September, he'll need something bigger for a whole lunch and 2 snacks.

A lot of my friends are buying those "bento boxes" but my kids are traditionalists. The mini sub sandwiches, whole apples, homemade palm-sized cookies and yoghurt cups they prefer won't fit in them. And all those fiddly little containers and lids would drive me nuts.

So if anyone knows where I can find a reasonably priced one that meets all of my lunchbox needs, drop me a line. I'll be most grateful. Ahh, memories of my plastic orange Coyote and Roadrunner lunchbox from back in the day.

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