Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Welcome to my day

Since this blog is all about me, I thought you'd like to see what a typical weekday is like for me.

6:30am- Alarm goes, I listen to the radio a bit
6:45am- Actually get out of bed, quickly shower and dress
7am- 8am- Scott's off to school and I roust the 3 sleepy kids out of bed, make sure they're all brushed, washed, dressed, breakfasted, homeworked and out the door. They're responsible for making their own beds, picking their own clothes and making their own breakfasts. I just make sure it's done right.
8am- 8:30am- Walk everyone to school, picking up one of my daycare kids on the way. The school is literally 5 minutes walk around the corner. Henry gets on his schoolbus at 8:30.
8:30am- 11:30am- This is "Karen time". Sometimes I clean, sometimes I cook or bake, sometimes I exercise, sometimes I go shopping, I always compute and blog.
11:30am- Henry gets off the schoolbus
11:30am-1pm- The 2 of us have lunch together, I help him with his homework, we play on Lego.com or starfall.com and just hang out.
1pm- 2pm- Shut up, All My Children is on. Ryan and Kendall are trying to decide what to do with their baby and Ob/Gyn Dr. Madden has something sneaky up his sleeve. I said SSSHHHH!!!
2pm- 3pm- I start preparing for afternoon snack if it's easy like hot dogs. If it was time consuming like cheese bread, I would have started it during "Karen time". I work off a printed out 6 week menu plan magnetted to my fridge. It makes snacks and dinners easier to shop and plan for. Sometimes I watch Star Trek The Next Generation on Spike.
3pm- Time to pick up the gang from school. I'm a home daycare provider so I have my 3 kids plus 3 more. I've also accepted another child who'll be starting in the next few weeks.
3:15pm- 3:45pm- Relaxing time. The kids just settle in, hang out and have some down-time
3:45pm- 4pm- Snacktime. It sounds like feeding time in the monkey house up in here.
4pm- 5pm- Homework time. The kids all sit around my kitchen table and do their work. The young ones who don't have any do colouring, reading or playdough, as long as it's quiet.
5pm- 5:30pm- The kids are starting to go home for the day. I start making dinner.
5:30pm- 6:30pm- Scott's home from school (Gov't enforced french language training) and I make and serve dinner.
6:30pm- 7:30pm- We all clear up the dishes together and clean the kitchen.
7:30pm- 8pm- Shut up, Coronation Street is on. Charlie is pressuring Shelley for sex even though she's dealing with a wicked case of agoraphobia. He says he'll get his needs met elsewhere if she doesn't get over it soon. I said SHHHHHH!!!
8pm- 8:30pm- The kids make their lunches and snacks for the next day. Much jostling ensues.
8:30pm- 8:45pm- Blessed bedtime routine. Scott and I switch off on this one. Alternate days. The kids get their teeth brushed and a story read to them.
8:45pm- 11pm- Shut up, something's on. Anything. SHHHHH!
11pm- 12am- If I haven't already fallen asleep in front of the tv, I'll putter around getting ready for tomorrow. I'll sweep the floor, wash dishes that didn't fit in the dishwasher, get my clothes ready for tomorrow, check the calendar for the next day's schedule and menu, read a bit in bed, then,
12am- 6:30am- Zzzzzzzzzzzz..........

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