Thursday, March 30, 2006

I love tv

And to a lesser extent I love the commercials. I consider a good one to be like a little piece of chocolate. You may not want to eat a whole box but one or two is just right. I've even been known, while zooming through the ads on a show I've taped, to stop and watch if a commercial looks unfamiliar.

Of course I love the funny ones the most. Here is a list of my favourites right now:

1) The new ad for Knorr frozen entrees. They cleverly bleep out the word "frozen" and use the tagline "Frozen doesn't have to be a dirty word". I crack up ever time I see it. "It's everything you want in a f***** meal" Hee.
2) DQ Blizzard ad with Mr. and pregnant Mrs. Lee. After taking a spoonful of a Blizzard, Mr. Lee imagines the doctor telling him that his baby is a boy. "YES!" he fist-pumps. After Mrs. Lee takes her spoonful, she imagines Mr. Lee pregnant and giving birth screaming (like a girl) "you did this to me!" at her holding the camcorder. Hilarious.
3) The commercial for Whiskas starring Hubert the man-cat. The first time I saw it I wondered why the woman was letting that tiny, mincey guy treat her that way. "Talk to me when there's meat on the table."? Who talks to their spouse like that? Then he jumped onto the arm of the couch and flicked something from his eyebrow. I finally twigged. He's a cat. A piece of chocolate with caramel inside.
4) Eleven words: "Can't get your kids to leave home? "Stop cooking with cheese!
5) DQ (again) Flamethrower burger. An office drone is eating a burger at his desk and it's so hot he burns first his napkin, then his blotter then when his officemates come in he's blowing out fire like a dragon. Mayhem and much sprinkling ensues. I love his expression as he tries to apologise while simultaneously spewing flames. I giggle every time I see it.
6) Delissio pizza. The one where two parents are indulging in a role playing game (pizza guy arrives to a scantily clad woman intent on seducing him). I love when they get caught by their teenaged son who exasperatedly exclaims "no wonder I don't have any friends". Funny.

Honourable mention goes to: the government ad that's trying to get new mums informed about the new immunisations available for their babies. Who can resist cute, bouncy, naked babies?
So those are my favourite ads as of today. It changes often but any commercial that just takes a little effort, that works just a bit to make me giggle will get my valuable consumer dollar. That is if I remember what the ad was for.

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