Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Spring Break Day 3

We had access to the van today so I thought we'd actually leave the house. Wasn't sure what to do since we weren't signed up for anything so I asked the kids. God bless 'em, they have such low expectations and are so easy to please. Did they ask to go to the local wave pool? A movie? Nope. The pet store. You heard me. Granted it's a cool pet store where the staff will take out and talk about any animal you ask about but really. The pet store? I love my kids.

So we're just back from Super Pet. We saw degus which are just big rats, big rats, mice, ferrets, all kinds of birds, lizards and a zillion different kinds of fish. I fell in love with some really colourful guppies. We even got to pet a cobra. Well, I did... the kids wimped out. Thankfully we had no disasters, minor or major. I'm thinking minor would be an asthma attack and major? Well the mind boggles, doesn't it? Breaking then having to buy a $3000 parrot, maybe?

So we're home again just in time for lunch. Henry has a playdate at 1pm and I promised Audrey and Elliott that we'd go to the library to get a couple of videogames. Remember when you went to the library for books? Anyway, that's the story for today and I'll keep you posted on the rest of the week.

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