Thursday, March 23, 2006

Let’s talk about anger today.

I'm not ordinarily an angry person. In fact, I'm the one people call to cheer themselves up when they're sad or talk them down when they're pissed. There are only about 36 days a year when I can truly work up a good head of steam. It's about 3 days a month and I shouldn't have to say why. Let's just say "hormonal reasons" and leave it that, shall we?

Well, I'm mad today. It's a really long story but the short version is that my kids' pediatrician retired without telling us and left us in the lurch. Audrey's going to be turfed out of school on Monday if she can't get up to date immunizations. My family doctor won't do it without her file and I can't get a hold of the pediatrician to get said file. Ergo, the fume.

So after leaving irate messages all over town, I'm sitting here at the computer killing time waiting for someone to call me back. Anyone will do. The pediatrician saying that "the files will be courriered over to your family doctor's, Mrs. Kaye, and we're so sorry for the inconvenience." The family doctor calling to say "I'll immunize Audrey anyway". The Ministry Of Health calling to say "there's an extension on the Monday deadline". My husband calling to say "we're leaving the country on an extended African safari". Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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