Friday, March 3, 2006

Good afternoon, gang!

Sorry this was so long in coming but I've had a busy day.

I walked to the Mall right after getting the kids off to school and ran some errands. Once I got back I had to get Henry off the bus, make him lunch then the other kids arrived. Today is one of the school board's "early dismissal" days so the gang's off at 1pm. I only just realized I hadn't blogged today.

Scott and I saw our last Oscar nominated movie on Wednesday night. We saw Capote which in my not-so-humble opinion is the only movie that can give Brokeback a run for it's money. Wow, the acting was spectacular. Once you get past the high voice and mincing around. And that was just me. But seriously, I've never felt so sorry for such a selfish man. I love how a really good movie makes you think about it for hours or even days after you see it and feel feelings that hardly ever exist outside the cineplex. Good times.

Monday's blog will be all about the Oscars. My most and least favourite outfits, speeches, surprises and sure things. I compare how much I love the Oscars to how much people love the Super Bowl. I'm all a-prickle waiting for the big night. As my kids would say... 2 more sleeps!

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