Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Spring Break Day 2- Double double anyone?

Henry has a friend over right now. They're playing nicely but, man, friend asks a lot of questions. Every minute they're in my face which is why the blog is so late today. Ah, the life of a Spring Break harried mum.

So this being Canada, there are lots of things we love. Hockey, maple syrup, Tim Hortons, Lloyd Robertson... but let's go back to Timmy's, shall we? Right now there's dispute, a brouhaha if you will, and it has nothing to do with double-doubles.

Tim Hortons is holding a contest right now called "Rrroll Up the Rim to Win" (the slogan was originally uttered by a Scotsman which is supposed to explain the 2 extra rs) where when you're done your double-double, you unroll the rim of your paper cup to discover prizes anywhere from a free double-double (can you tell I like to type double-double?) to a new car.

The scenario: A Quebec school. Two girls 10 and 12 are walking by a garbage can where the 10 year old spies a discarded coffee cup in the garbage. She grabs it and tries to unroll. She has a hard time. Anyone else who has tried knows what a pain it is. Anyway, she asks her friend to help and the friend unrolls -you guessed it- a new car. The girls think it's great and giggle and decide to take turns with the car. Aww. Sweet.

Now here's the problem. The parents of girl who found the cup say the car is theirs. The parents of the girl who actually unrrrolled the cup say the car is theirs. And now the teacher who tossed the cup says it was a mistake (A muscle spasm? Distracted? Temporary insanity? What?) and he wants the prize. Lawyers are involved and this has become quite ugly. The two little girls are even no longer friends over this. Sad.

Okay. That's enough. Assez. This is Canada, people. We don't behave this way. We discuss, we rationalize, we are fair, diplomatic, reasonable and dare I say it, polite. What the fuck is going on? I'm flummoxed that they have taken this so far. Here's my solution: Take the car and sell it. Split the money and keep it in trust for the two girls when they get old enough. The parents and the teacher should be fired from their day jobs and forced to work at Tim Hortons. Wearing those terrible uniforms and forever handing out double-doubles and doughnut holes to lazy fat-asses at the drive-thru. And Timmy's should scrap this contest until we can all grow up. Grow up and stop saying double-double.

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