Thursday, March 9, 2006

Cold-FX rocks

Can I just be an ad for Cold-FX today? I caught a cold the day before yesterday and today I'm absolutely fine. I attribute it to my awesome immune system (I've never had the flu and the 1 cold I get per year only usually last a week) and Cold-FX. The stuff is magic!

I'm not the crunchy granola type at all. I love meat, I was drugged to the gills during childbirth, all my kids are vaccinated and I'm virtually hairless. But there are some crunchy things I really believe in. I love my Keeper cup, I had a standing Friday appointment at the chiropractor during my pregnancy and after the birth, and now this Cold-FX stuff.

You take it when you feel the first twinge of a cold. Nine pills the first day, 6 the second and 3 the last. It's some kind of magical ginseng pill but I seriously don't want to look too closely at it. It works and that's all I need to know.

Scott didn't take it and he was laid out almost all week. He's better now but he didn't start it until yesterday. I think, especially if you have germy kids in the house that you should start it when the first kid has a cold and take it until the whole house is healthy. Love it.

I'm glad herbal medication is starting to get a better reputation. That way I can feel free to take extra strength Aches and Strains Tylenol for my back as well a pile of ginseng cold tablets at the same time. It's like a hippie and a yuppie skipping hand-in-hand through my immune system curing and loving everything in their path.

Yours in a healthy haze,
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