Friday, April 23, 2010

Okay people this is not a drill. Everybody DOWN!

Give me what I want and nobody gets hurt. Here is my list of demands:

  • A house in the country and a condo in the city
  • To never have to worry about money
  • To be able to go on 2 trips with the family every year, winter and summer. For this, we will require a plane
  • A new wardrobe complete with several pairs of Louboutin shoes
  • A 3D tv and 5 pairs of glasses
  • A bathtub where I can completely immerse myself
  • A maid, landscaper and architect on call
  • A monthly spa/mani/pedi appointment for Audrey and me
  • To have my blog discovered by a publisher who will back a dump truck of cash up to my laneway
So who do I see about this list? I need someone up in here with some authority. Because if these demands are not met, and soon, I will drink your milkshake. Drink it up. Do not test me.


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