Thursday, April 22, 2010

New blog!

Well, frankly it's not that new but it'll be new to you. I started it in February and unlike this one, it's every day. Every single day... weekends too. But it's a simple concept. I take a photograph of what I'm doing at 2:01pm. Why 2:01? Because I was born at that time. So I thought it would be interesting to see what I'm doing at my exact birth time everyday. Unfortunately it's not as interesting as I had hoped since most of the things I do happen either before or after 2:01 so I'm mostly in the house. In fact I'm usually computing, watching tv, baking, eating, laundering or grocery shopping. Which explains why I only get 1 hit per day since I started it. And I think it's me. Sad, really.

So I have an alarm on my iPod and when it goes off I take a photo. Not being the most technologically-minded person, I have to have both my iPod and camera nearby but it's not too hard since like I said, 80% of the time I'm at home.

I don't write too much so it's not entirely like death. I actually like that blog a lot because it's so easy to keep. So go visit and say hi in the comments. And stay tuned for what I'll be doing at 2:01 today. Should be pretty boring.

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