Thursday, April 29, 2010

Emergency form stress

So the school sent home a form to register the kids for next year. On it they ask for an emergency contact number and I never know what to do with that. I naturally want to put down my dad or inlaws but none of them live closer than 30 minutes away. Isn't the point of an emergency contact to be able to go and pick up your children quickly in the event of a disfiguring catastrophe and the parents are chillin' at the day spa?

I usually use the one of the neighbours. They were all here when we moved in 11 years ago and the kids and I like them. The only problem is, although we have their phone numbers and emails, we don't even know their last names. I wave to them on a daily basis but I only see them on their own property. So if we bump into each other somewhere else, it takes a good 5 minutes for me to realize who they even are. Lame. And I'm entrusting our children to these virtual strangers?

At least we've never had to use the number {knocking furiously on the computer desk} and I thank goodness every day that I'm a stay-at-home-mum. Even though I'm a bit nutty, I'm the emergency contact.

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