Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I tried something new lately.

Just a quick aside:
Thank goodness I'm back online. It's one thing to not use the internet for a bet or to compete in Steven and Chris' Better Choice Challenge but because you are cut off? Horrible. So I really want to thank Ravinder at the Bell Canada call centre in Mumbai for helping a sister out.

So yesterday I did a pile of laundry and I used a "laundry sheet". How cool is this thing? It's a sheet that has soap and fabric softener on it. You just throw the thing in the washer with the clothes then pull out everything and throw it all in the dryer. No need to measure anything. It's a bit simple so I would only use it on heavy duty stuff and things like jeans but it works like a charm. I like to call it laundry, man style. So there's your consumer report for the day.

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