Thursday, April 15, 2010

Look at me!

I'm posting in the morning. To be honest I prefer doing it this way since my blogs will be "live and to the minute". For the past little while I was blogging the night or even a few days before and "post dating" them. While it made for real convenience, it was difficult to remember to refer to a show I watched 5 minutes ago as happening "yesterday" or that morning's cool dream happening "the other night". Not that you all really care, you still get a blog.

So what should I talk about on this fine day? Let's go random...

  • the light in my fridge is burned out, making me think that the power's out every time I open it.
  • I bizarrely found a pound of cheddar cheese in the pantry this morning and it was still cold.
  • we're out of Mini Wheats
  • I'm getting a visit from my new daycare baby (and his mum) later today
  • I got a voice mail from my brother who told me there was a mail truck parked in my laneway on Google maps. There isn't... he's just making a dumb joke about me having an affair with the mailman. Which couldn't be further from the truth. Serge is no picture in those hideous postman shorts and sexy Tilley endurable.
  • I just came back from a nice, foresty 2 hour walk with my neighbour Darlene and her schnauzer/poodle (schnauzie-poo?) Yoda.
So welcome to a live morning blog. Will the joy ever cease?

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