Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Getting arrested

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Scott and I were watching the news yesterday as a G8 (or whatever the number is up to) protester got dragged off by riot police into a paddy wagon. I turned to him and said: "I don't think I believe in anything enough to be arrested for it. I mean if my family or home were threatened, it goes without saying but for farting cows or the right to shoot your mouth off in public or something? No way. What about you?"

He said "You just aren't that type of person. If I knew there was an injustice that by protesting I could change, I would definitely do it."

I ignored the obvious insult to my moral character and thought: Was there really nothing in the world I believed in enough to allow myself to get dragged off on the National News and denied access to my makeup case? I wracked my selfish little brain and came up empty. Looks like Gassy Bossy is on her own.

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