Friday, November 6, 2009


Okay, I'm completely ill prepared for a blog today. I usually write them in bulk on the weekend then "post-date" them to come out all week. Unfortunately it was so crazy last weekend, my math was off. I only wrote four blogs so I'm writing this in the morning for the first time since before I had a job. So please excuse the obvious suckiness.

Here is what needs to get done that I'm shirking because of this:
  • shower and get myself ready first
  • wake up Audrey and Elliott
  • make sure they have breakfast and all their school stuff like musical instruments and lunches
  • fix Audrey's hair... it takes at least 10 minutes
  • push the older ones out the door at 7:15
  • wake up Henry and Scott
  • make sure they have breakfast and all their school/work stuff like instruments and, I dunno, quarterly reports or whatever
  • have my own breakfast and brew a travel cup of tea that I'll drink at my desk at work
  • say goodbye to Scott who takes the bus to work
  • take Henry across the street to the neighbours who watch him for 45 minutes
  • drive in stop-and-go traffic to work. The 15 minute drive takes half an hour
So yeah... I have lots of time for this... gotta go.

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