Thursday, November 26, 2009

Oh what to do?

I've been to the Unemployment Office, written up resumes, called for information at a local college, cooked a needlessly complicated dinner, baked, cleaned the house and done all the laundry. I've even gotten a new cell phone. Don't worry, the previous one was so old the battery charged completely in 15 minutes and died within 24 hours. The only extra feature it had was a dial tone. Anyway, it seems to be thumb-twiddling time. And I'm not talking texting, baby. Well maybe just a little. It's either that or clean out the garage and that ain't gonna happen.

So today I think I'll watch some DVDs. I have a pile where I collect the ones I had planned to watch eventually. Frankly it seemed like I'd never get to them when I had a job, now I can put a dent in it. These are the ones I have in my "pending" pile:

  • Barbershop
  • Serendipity (which I've seen in the theatre but not at home)
  • Balls of Fury
  • The best of Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • The complete first season of Wonder Woman and;
  • Season 2 of Dexter
I also have PVRed copies of The Thomas Crowne Affair and an Indian movie (Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna starring the yummy Shah Rukh Khan) that I've been meaning to watch for ages. Incidentally I've been watching Bollywood movies for years waaaaay before the Slumdog Millionaire bandwagon rode into town... but I digress.

It may well be time to invest in some bonbons. I'm going to randomly choose one of these DVDs and watch it guilt-free. Maybe 2 of them (unless I choose a tv season, that is). Or maybe I'll just ditch them all and watch Auntie Mame; a movie I've seen easily 8 times. I've been thinking and talking about it a lot lately and I think it's time to check it out again.

What do you guys think, my "little loves"?

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