Friday, November 27, 2009

Can you stand another beef about So You Think You Can Dance?

Isn't is refreshing not to have a blog dedicated to my joblessness?

Last season on the Canadian version we had a tapper named Everett. He was amazing and came in second place. The wise producers threw in tap as a dance style and fortunately he actually picked it and did a great job with his partner Tara Jean (who won btw) who was a total non-tapper. The American version is different.

This year they had three tappers make it to the final 20. Yay, I thought, finally a US tap routine. I was anxious to see them throw a Contemporary or HipHop dancer in a pair of tap shoes. But no. They went to great pains to tell the hoofers that they'd never get a chance to do their own styles; that they'd have to learn everyone else's. What happened? All of the tappers are out already. The dancers have to do so many styles... Bollywood, Waltzes, the kiss of death Quick Step and even Russian Folk dancing. So why not tap? It sure would show how well those kids can pick up a difficult style.

This is yet another reason why the Canadian version is actually better. And I'm not even mentioning the fact that we have had a classical ballerina and a white female krumper in our top 20. Go Canadian mosaic!


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