Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween protocol

So now we have tons (and I say that without hyperbole) of chocolate candy and chips in the house. What's a mother to do? Do I throw stuff out? Do I hide them... and invariably eat too many of them myself? Do I dole them out a little at a time so they last until next Halloween? Frankly, I hate having to be the junk food police. It makes me the bad guy and creates stress in the house. It also fosters begging for the crap the minute they wake at 7am until the time they close their eyes at 9pm.

So here's what I do. Unlimited candy. Yes, it sounds crazy but I'm strict about the times. They can eat whatever they want from noon to an hour before dinner. Then again after dinner until an hour before bed. This serves many purposes. No begging at breakfast, no chocolate left by the end of next week, no stress, and I'm not the bad guy. So they're eating thousands of calories and potentially rotting their teeth out of their heads. Whaddya gonna do? Crunchy with the smooth, right?

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