Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We're looking at the shoes, people.

Oprah often has this "Things I know for sure" segment in her magazine. I know because I glance at it in the checkout, smartypants...

Anyway here are some things I know for sure. I'm 42 and I'm very very wise. Sometimes trite, but wise. And a little sage. No, not the spice.

  • Kindness is it's own reward
  • Smiling make you hot
  • The right shoes can make an outfit
  • There is nothing better than '80s alternative music. Nothing.
  • Scars do not give you character
  • I make a kick-ass cupcake
  • TV is a blessing from above
  • It's possible to be both funny and unable to tell a joke
  • Always have a box of KD in your pantry
  • A diary is a great way to see how stupid you used to be. Learn from it
  • There is something out there... up there... bigger than the both of us
Those are some of the things I know for sure. What about you? What do you know for sure?

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