Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My invention

My honey is in the process of inventing something and it got me thinking: what would I invent if I had the chance? They say that necessity is the mother of invention so what do I need? What do I complain about most? The answer? Winter.

My biggest complaint about winter (frankly the only thing going for it is no bugs) is having to scrape off my van windshield. I don't mind the side windows, just the windshield. Yes, I'll admit it. It's not a new thing. I'm er... diminutive. It's impossible for me to reach the entire front window. The middle part of it looks like I've scratched it with my fingernails. I'm too short to get enough pressure on the scraper to remove the ice. I end up just sitting in the car with the heat cranked trying to melt it from the inside.

I was thinking while sitting in the car once last winter that they should have some sort of plastic film (like the "sticker" that tells you it's time for an oil change) that is run through with wires like the rear window. You'd just apply it to the windshield, plug the other end into the cigarette lighter and voila. The ice melts off like a sheet in minutes, saving time, body heat, sanity and your cute new suede jacket.

Anyway, that's my invention. If you steal it, please remember where you saw it first. If not, remember that Karma can be a bitch.


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