Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Learning some perspective

I'm feeling better about everything now that the sore is a bit less raw. Scott is his normal loving self and I got to spend a lovely afternoon at the Unemployment Office. What better way to kill an afternoon than to spend it in an H1N1 paranoia, lined up for half an hour in front of a mouth breather and a cougher? I wanted to Purell my neck. Good times.

After I got to the agent, he asked to see my record of employment paper. Of course I couldn't find it and I swore up and down that I put it in my purse. As I left the office swearing (hm. a lot of swearing today), I reached into my coat pocket for my car keys and found that effing piece of paper. No wonder I got fired. I haven't got a brain in my head.

Instead of heading home I went back to that line, this time with the paper never leaving my hot little hand. Thankfully the mouth-breather and the cougher were gone and the line was shorter. The only person who stood out was the woman who was talking loudly to the job bank of computers. Literally speaking to the screen. After I handed in the paper to the agent, I was told that I could have filled in everything I needed to online anyway. Well, there was 2 hours of my life I'd never get back. Thanks.

I figured that since I was already there I may as well use their computers in case a question came up. I soon realized why that lady was talking to the computer. The connection was slower than if I was in fact, mailing my forms back and forth to the federal government. I narrowly avoided acting like the kook in the corner by opting to ditch the thing and go home to my precious DSL. An hour later at my laptop and I was done. I should expect my first payment in 28 days. Nothing goes better with the cracker that is Maury Povich than government cheese. Them's good eats.

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