Monday, November 9, 2009

That wascally wabbit

Audrey has a rabbit she named Coco for 2 reasons. One was because she's brown and the other is because we got her on Easter. Coco replaced Monkey, rabbit number one, that she got the previous Xmas. Monkey met an unfortunate end when someone* bought and used cedar chips for bedding which she thought made the cage and subsequently the house smell wonderful. It took 3 days for the rabbit to suffocate, frothing at the mouth.

Because someone* felt guilty, someone* got her another rabbit. This one has been around for nearly a year and is very well taken care of (no cedar shavings ever). Last week we noticed that she wasn't as active as usual. When Audrey took her out of the cage and put her on the floor, we watched in horror as she pulled her back legs pathetically behind her. Audrey burst out crying. Looks like it was time for the vet.

Scott took her and Audrey in and the vet said the words you most hate to hear from a medical professional: "I don't know what's wrong." For this we went to animal emergency with a paraplegic rodent and spend $60 for a consult? Anyway, she suggested we put the rabbit on antibiotics for ten days. One look into Audrey's wet brown eyes and out came the credit card for nearly $50 worth of meds.

The irony isn't lost on me over using a syringe to dribble medicine into a rabbit's mouth while wearing waterproof mascara and shiny lipgloss.

So that's what's new over at the Kaye's. What's up with you lot?


*name withheld to protect the stupid
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