Monday, July 6, 2009

So who birthdays the birthday girl?

I just made a really awesome cake for my boss' birthday. Mayan chocolate mayo with rich chocolate frosting. Truly decadent. I may post a photo of it to my woefully ignored food site.

Anyway, a few months ago my boss told me I was to be what I'm calling the "birthday fairy" for the office. You know... the person in charge of keeping everyone's birthday unignored by getting a cake and a card signed by the whole group. I love to do it since I get to show off my baking skills and have everyone parade to my desk to sign the requisite birthday card. It's right up my alley in terms of basking in splashover attention because everyone enjoys the cakes I make. But here's the head-scratcher...

My birthday is next. As much as I want to, social norms dictate that I can't get everyone to sign a card I bought for myself. And do I really want to slave over my own cake? Okay, for me it's less of a slave and more of a loving ministration but my point is still valid. I know this place is busy and when Pat gave me the fairy task it was so he could have one less thing to think about which means if I don't do something no one will.

I'm not one to let my birthday go by quietly. At the advanced age of 42, there may not be many left. So how do I tactfully (yes, I'm aware that it's a route I don't often go down) get a cake and a card from my little gang?

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