Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Get OOT!

TTYL. PMPL. ROFLMAO. BRB. KWIM. IMHO. JK. AFK. POS. These are all internet abbreviations that pepper text and emails the world around. I use them myself (except for POS since I am the P) and I learn new ones every couple of months. Like the latest: OOT.

Here's the context: I'd love to go but I'll be OOT this weekend. I stared at that sentence for ages before I realised that she wasn't using the American "comedian" version of out (which, BTW, in my nearly 42 years in this country I've never heard pronounced that way). She was saying she'd be "out of town". I'd never heard that one before... you?

I'm telling you right now that as a Canadian I'd be perpetuating a stereotype and opening the door to all kinds of stupid comments since most of my friends are south of the 49th. So it looks like that particular internet shorthand is oot for me.

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