Wednesday, July 8, 2009

School clothes vs. Play clothes

Did your mother do this to you? Do you do it to yours? When I was younger We had 2 separate and forever distinct wardrobes. Nicer clothes for school and church and crappy clothes for everything else. We'd have to come home from school and change out of our school clothes and put on our junky stuff.

Time sure changes. Nowadays no one knows what "Sunday best" means either because we're still at the cottage or hung over on Sunday mornings or because we simply wear our comfy clothes to church. After all, God doesn't care what you wear, as long as you're there, right?

My kids wear their cruddy clothes to school. I don't really mind. I'm Godlike that way. I do take a page out of my mother's playbook for the first day, though and try to get brand new clothes (down to shoes) for everyone. After that first day all bets are off.

I didn't realise that I was doing different for myself until just last week. I've always worked in really casual places. Daycares and stores mostly. Now I work in an office and sometimes even have meetings. I wear heels, nice pants and pretty tops. And the second I step in my front door I kick off those heels and put on jean shorts, converse and a hoodie.

After 30 years, I'm doing school clothes and play clothes again. I kinda like it.

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