Friday, July 24, 2009

More on names...

I was at my desk inputting someone's name into the database named "Luc". It's French for Luke and to my Quebec-born ears (and most french speakers) it's pronounced very differently. So I said the names out loud (softly of course... I'm not a complete kook) and added "look" and "luck" for good measure and marvelled about how they all could sound the same but don't. Then I grabbed a pen and wrote the 4 words down and stuck them in my pocket to remind me to write a blog about it later. See how the brilliant ideas flow? They burst out like Alien out of that guy's chest. Sigh. Listen, they all can't be gold, okay? You try writing one of these here blogs every day for nearly 3 years. Have a great weekend


BTW: In French, Luc is pronounced "l-eu-k"... check out the scene in "French Kiss" where Kevin Kline tries to explain how to pronounce it to Meg Ryan. It's just like that.
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