Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Karen Update

I realise that I haven't given a what's-up-with-me update in ages. Here's what's happing in the life of a harried housewife. Hold on, it may get long:

The kids are finally off school. Their report cards were surprisingly good. Well, I say "surprisingly" only in reference to 1/3 of the children. The 1/3 who has a dirt-stache and can eat 3 hamburgers and a hot dog in one sitting. You guessed it. Elliott. His science teacher had been sending dire emails to me about how he'd fail if he didn't hand in the 4 outstanding assignments he hadn't done. Grrrr. Anyway, he managed to get them in and get a 75% on the course. I don't know how he does this stuff.

Last week he babysat and did quite well. The only incident was the bathroom door thing that I posted about last week. Thank goodness that was all I had to deal with.

Scott's off for the rest of the month and wants to go camping. If you've read this blog for any length of time you know my feelings on the great outdoors. In short, they have their place. Outdoors. Ideally when I'm indoors. Scott kindly (and obligingly) asked if I wanted to come. Instead of hemming and hawing all maybes and we'll sees like I usually do, I flatly said no. I'm too old to enjoy sleeping outside, consuming tepid food and drinks and fishing sand out of every orifice. Not to mention no makeup, perfumes or lotions. This is the 21st century, people. Why on earth would I want to rough it? It's one thing to be a luddite while living like a luddite. It's another to leave the lap of luxury to luddite myself. It ain't happening without a fight. So they'll be gone for a few days next week and I'll be blissfully alone. Everybody's happy and rested when we come together again.

The kids are signed up for canoe camp. They'll be going the first 2 weeks of August. They can't wait. And it's day camp so I don't have to do without them at night. Awesome.

So I think that's it for the summer update. I'm still plugging away at work and loving it. I'm a little nervous about some new tasks that Pat has in store for me but if he has faith in me then I'm not going to let him down. I'll be baking a lot in the next little while. Someone posted the cutest little cupcakes on Twitter so that's my latest project. Of course I'll always be here gassing on about one thing or another. Like this dream I had last night about bedbugs and people with bleeding eyes....

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