Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Folders vs. Crumplers

Now here's something you don't think about every day.

I was reading my new favourite book JPod which I'm reading very slowly since I love it so much I don't want it to end. Anyway, In it was a bit about folding vs. crumpling as it relates to using toilet paper. I never thought about this before.

Before I came to live with Scott I'd never seen someone fold toilet paper. I actually laughed as I watched and mocked a little... the word "anal" may have been used... and the resulting hilarity has banned me from the bathroom while Scott's in there forever. I, as you may have guessed, am a crumpler. According to Douglas Coupland who wrote the book, the results fall 50/50. It's something I've never asked anyone but as with anything I assume that people do what I do. I'm asking at work today. You ask too then let me know your results on here. I'm really curious about this one.

"You. Go. DO!" (HSM2)

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