Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Makeup moratorium

That's right. I don't feel like wearing makeup today so you know what? I'm not going to wear any. Granted I'll probably put on some mascara and clear lip gloss but if you knew the makeup ritual I go through on a nearly daily basis, you'd know that was nothing. Why am I doing this you ask? Eh. Something interesting. And something to talk about at work. That and having the ability to rub my face when I get tired later. That'll be cool.

I started wearing quite a bit when I cut my hair in 1994. I figured I needed something to take away from the fact that all I had now was face. Lately I've been feeling like a slave. I had dragonboat practice this weekend and even knowing I'd get wet didn't stop me from trowelling it on. Of course it was waterproof. So today, nothing. No foundation, blush or concealer. I have to wear mascara because due to a bizarre twist of fate, I have hardly any grey hairs on the top of my head but nearly all of my lashes are grey. Freaky. I'm not subjecting greater Ottawa to that.

So if you see me today, please don't tell me I look tired or old. I'm just looking like a 40 1/2 year old woman. This is reality, people. This is what we look like. But not to worry, the fantasy will resume tomorrow.

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