Monday, April 21, 2008

This one doesn’t have a title

Because frankly, I'm speechless. Speechless in an I-need-to-write-a-lucid-blog-about-this-right-away kind of way.

Elliott and I went shopping for shoes yesterday. He was previously wearing size 6 (men's!) and they were too small. So we bought him a new pair. Before I tell you the size, let me remind you that he's 11 years old. Yes, he'll be 12 in a couple of weeks but technically he's still eleven.

Elliott and I walked away with a size 10. Ten. Please, baby Jesus, let his feet stop growing. I'm torn between being proud that he's surpassed his dad in foot-size (Scott's a 9) and absolutely disgusted with myself that my thoughts are turning to how happy he'll make some woman someday (*shudder*). He was the only kid with a mustache in grade 5. Freckles and a mustache, 5 feet tall and size 10 feet. He also smells weird and has aspirations to be a sound engineer. Very mature. What happened to to 7lb 13oz baby I had? You should have seen him. So cute and malleable. The two of us wanted the same things. Milk and a full night's sleep. How things change.

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