Tuesday, April 1, 2008

OMG, I’m pregnant

Okay it’s lame but April Fool’s. Hey, it’s early.

Let’s talk about Earth Day. I’m being frank when I say that I’m not one to concern myself with global warming, the environment, conservation or anything David Suzuki takes really seriously. I’m like a child that way. Someone else will deal with it and when will the warming part happen? I’m freezing my ass off and my year-round pedicure awaits breathlessly. Yes, I’m keenly aware that I’m over 40 and I have kids and I should worry about these things but I’m sorry, it’s an inconvenience. And, yes, I’m awful. But I will buckle to peer pressure. That’s why Earth Hour was so neat. All the fun of being one of the cool kids and saving the environment too? Score.

We ate out for dinner Saturday night and it was neat to see the lights in the restaurant and the mall lowered or off. In places of business. I was so impressed. It spurred me on. We got home at 8:30 and we wanted to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark so we put it on with no other lights in the house. We lit 2 storm lamps and hung out together in the dark. Hey, it was the best this selfish mum could do. And, because I got right into it (for that one night, anyway) we kept the lights off for the whole movie.

It may not be riding the Rainbow Warrior and protesting something for the good of the planet but hey, it was evolutionary for me. So what did you do to mark the occasion?

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