Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why did the skunks cross the road?

I don't know? I'm asking you.

This morning on my way to the bus I was stopped in my tracks by a little family of skunks. Mother and 3 kids (cubs? kits? skunklings?). They were trying cross a busy 4 lane road from a field. They had to go from the field, cross the sidewalk I was on then the street. As I stood there contemplating my next move, I watched as they tried twice to cross; both failed times running back into the tall grass with their tails raised high. I imagined getting sprayed to within an inch of my life and the call I'd have to make:

Me: Hello boss? I can't come in to work today.
Boss: Why? Are you sick?
Me: Errrr, not exactly. I got sprayed by 3 skunks this morning.
Boss: Yeah, right. Get your ass in here. It's the busy season.
Me: You'll be sorry...

Then the baths. Remember the old Partridge Family episode where the skunk got on the bus? Didn't the try to get rid of the smell with tomato juice? Does that actually work?

Anyway, all was fine in the end. I crossed the street to avoid the little buggers and made my way to the bus with no further incident. Getting sprayed sure would have made a more interesting blog than this one.

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