Tuesday, July 8, 2008


As you know I have 3 of my own. Today a co-worker brought her son into work and I realize how mean I am. I mean my kids were spanked (very rarely... don't call the cops or anything) and they've been subject to both my angry face and voice. They know when I'm joking with them and when I'm serious. Dead serious.

My friend Nicole was very fun and light with her son and threatened all kinds of things that she couldn't possibly follow through on. She sounded so sweet that, frankly, her son wasn't taking her seriously and not listening at all. Poor girl. He was running her ragged.

It really made me think. What makes a kid listen to you when they really have no impulse control and want to do what they want to do? What makes them so scared of you that they ignore everything in their bodies and minds that is screaming at them to do the opposite of what you want? How did I do it with mine?

Since the beginning I was able to take them to malls and other public places and they behaved just fine. I remember taking the 2 little ones (before Henry wa born) to a Japanese restaurant that was clearly not meant for kids. I mean no colouring placemats, no booster seats, mood lighting, no kids' menu, nothing. Audrey was in a car seat and slept the whole time and Elliot being about 3 at the time wandered to each table after eating hardly anything (What? No chicken nuggets on the menu? Imagine.) asking what people were eating and if it was yummy. That was the most irritating incident I can think of when they were little.

So why are they like that? Why are they so good to me? Not that I'm complaining. As I said I was spanker (but only when they ran into the road) and used an angry face/voice. So why do they respond to that? It's stunning to me. Maybe because I looked directly in their eyes and made them repeat what I said? I don't know. My previously useless Early Childhood Education degree? All I do know is I have a few suggestions for Nicole when she comes back tomorrow. I'm sure she could use a full night's sleep.

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