Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A quickie!

I'm at work but I just had to tell you about this dream I had. Well, actually it was a nightmare. About my cat. Yes, I know it's stupid but I never have cool dreams. The crux of it is that my precious Taz was accidentally poisoned and I had to watch him die. Again as in all my dreams it was all plausible. I was with my family, on my street and no one flew or had a cleverly concealed gun. No, it was just me and my family mourning the loss of our awesome pet.

As I was crying in my dream, I woke up and for a few seconds continued crying like the dream. Weird. Then I knew it wasn't real and was ready to get out of bed and look for my furry critter. Fortunately he was snoozing at the foot of my bed. He noticed I was upset and joined me on my pillow purring up a storm. It was a really nice moment. He'll never know how much he means to me. It makes you not even want to share your life with a pet if it's just going to up and die on you like that. Sheesh.
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