Friday, July 11, 2008

Look at me I’m growing up!

I'm having one of those infernal parties tonight. You knowthe ones... a party that when you get an invite you shudder. Okay, maybe not but you sure look at your "friend" differently. It's an Epicure Selection Tasting Party. Like Tupperware only edible. They sell spices and dip mixes as well as kitchen gadgets and cooking stuff. Great stuff, really. I would never think of having any other party at my house.

I've been invited to lingerie parties, sex toy parties, candle parties... the list is endless. I always feel obligated at these shindigs to order something even though I may not want it. That's why I like this stuff. I use everything and love it. If I had the gumption I'd sell this stuff myself. You know me. I luuurve my kitchen and the stuff housed therein.

Anyway, I still have lingering guilt about asking people to come to this thing. I don't want anyone to feel obligated to buy stuff. I'm of the treat-others-how-you-want-to-be-treated school and frankly I hate going to these parties. Naturally I had a difficult time approaching people about this. I sent off an impersonal mass email and hoped for the best. Nothing. Then I timidly asked my friends at work and, woohoo, they came through. I'll have 5 at my party. Which considering the non-advertising I did, my consultant Michelle and I will be grateful for.

So wish me luck and, hey, if you want to order anything go to If I get enough orders I get free stuff. See how I'm not afraid to impersonally hit you up?

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