Monday, July 7, 2008

Overheard at the Kaye’s over the weekend...

"Are we poor?"
Asked by Henry Friday night after a week of shitty dinners.

"Look! Coco's making a speech!"
Audrey after seeing her rabbit's front paws perched on her overturned food bowl.

"I wonder which of the seven dwarfs was the smartest?"
Scott to me after a long comfortable silence.

"I shuuud reeelly sop jinking these things..."
Me after my 3rd gin and tonic at my sis-in-law's beach cottage and realizing that I have to go to dragonboat practice later.

"What about a Smart car with an ensuite bath in it?"
Elliott asking his requisite ridiculous question during a seemingly normal conversation about my favourite house attributes (ensuite baths) and favourite car (Smart).

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