Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Okay. Two things.

Yesterday at work one of the new young girls and I were chatting. I mentioned that I took the bus yesterday instead of biking because "sometimes I just want to wear makeup to work". To which she replied "You wear makeup?". Huh. I wasn't sure how to take that. Insult or compliment? Was she telling me that I apply my makeup so expertly and naturally that she couldn't tell I was wearing any at all? Or was she saying that I look so exhausted, drawn and tired that even with makeup on I still look like a dog's breakfast? I'll never know. I just passively shrugged and went back to work. And let it niggle at me all day (and morning, obviously).

The other day at work (when do I have a story that's not about work), Nicole brushed against my arm. She commented on how soft it felt and even asked her niece Julie (hi Julie!) to feel. She asked if I used anything and I said no. I lied. Here's my trick: after my shower, while I'm still wet before I towel off I rub baby oil gel on my skin. Then instead of using a towel, I put on a terry bathrobe and go about my business (makeup... yes, that's right) and breakfast and let it sink in. When I feel dry I just get dressed. That's it. Not expensive, not complicated but it works just great. Just ask Nicole.

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