Thursday, July 10, 2008

Where is my bloody family???

I have come home 2 days in a row and yelled my usual "Hi guys I'm home" with the usual anticipation of happy replies and thrilled excitement. What do I actually get? Crickets. Well, not actual bugs but the silent equivalent. Same thing happens when I call home from work. My home phone goes to voice mail. What's going on?

I'll tell you. The kids and my husband are making a treehouse. Everytime I call they're going to the lumberyard. Or in the backyard with the circular saw screaming. Considering Scott has been home for only 4 days, the house is really shaping up. I'll have to take a photo to show you. It can fit 4 kids, will have a rope ladder and a tarp roof. They're really working hard. I came home to Elliott using the cordless drill doing some such thing. It's pretty cool, I have to admit. Of course when Scott complains that he's tired and his holiday is almost gone, I have to remind him of what he took on. I mean, really.

I've been thinking of the implications of this thing. The neighbourhood kids have already started lining up outside. I can see it now. We're out for the day and come home to find a crumpled heap of laundry at the bottom of our apple tree. But what's that? It's not laundry, it's an unconsious kid. Great. What do I do now? Do I get liability insurance? Lock the thing when the kids aren't out there? Scott doesn't think of this stuff. Just the fun of a project with the kids. Maybe I should let it go too. After I check our insurance policy...

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