Monday, July 21, 2008

68 pushups!

I started this awesome thing online called 100 pushups. I'm shocked at my progress so far. Friday I managed 68 pushups. Not in a row, mind but in 5 sets. Boy style. The website claims to be able to get you to do 100 in a row after 6 weeks of training. After 2 weeks I'm feeling awesome. So proud and strong.

And talking about proud and strong, I signed up Saturday for a triathlon. You heard. it's on 2 August, and before you sign me up for the MRI, it's a mini-triathlon called Try-a-tri. 200m swimming, 20k biking and 3k running. Not too bad. I think anyone who's relatively fit can do this one. I'm a bit scared of the swim since they don't allow water wings but thankfully it's at the beach along the shore in waist deep water. I can do this. I think I can be finished in around 3 hours. This should be fun. Way more fun than that stupid marathon and, of course, I get more bling. Third one this year. Woot!

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