Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wear a bike helmet

You never used to wear a helmet as a child. I never did. But now, like seatbelts, it's been so ingrained in me that I couldn't imagine not wearing one when I bike. But you really should be wearing one. Why?

Because the City of Ottawa mandates it and it sets a good example? Nah.

Because I say so? Well I'd like to flatter myself but no.

Because of these photos? You tell me.

Elliott fell off his bike on the weekend and twisted his wrist. He also hit his head and completely destroyed his helmet but never had even a headache. He actually giggled when he got a load of this crumpled mess in the mirror. We ran right out the next day and got him a new one, stressing how important it was that he was wearing it.

Trust me: you may think you look like a dork but always wear a bicycle helmet.

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