Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Scotty by the numbers

Today is Scott's birthday and in his honour, I thought I'd tell you a bit about him by the numbers (since he's all mathematical and engineery and stuff):

34: His pants size (still!). Of course he now wears his belt under his belly
26: The age he was when we met
3: The kinds of chocolate he likes. Dark, white and milk. He has never met a chocolate he didn't like. He's like a woman in his devotion
4: The number of coffees he drinks in a day (at least). Just don't ever give him McDonalds coffee
1: The number of times he has tried to teach me how to drive a stick shift. Any more and there would have been a divorce in his future
17: The number of years he's been a public servant. He's worked for the RCMP and foreign affairs.
19: The number of years we've been together. Time flies when you're having fun
14: The number of years we've been married. See above
1: The number of fake teeth he has. Every good Canadian hockey-playing boy has at least one
2: The number of motorcycles in my garage. One that he uses to commute to work and one in bits and pieces. For tinkering.
300+: The number of plastic models in his euphemistically calls his "office" I'd call it a hobby shop. But his stock is bigger.
7: Approximate number of hilariously long eyebrow hairs he has to trim. Otherwise he looks like an old British mad scientist. We won't mention the nose hairs
45: The age of my honey today. He really is the most awesome, cool, nice guy ever. I'm so happy he picked me.

Happy Birthday Poopie!

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