Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So the photos are up!

Just head over to my Facebook page to see the photos and a couple of videos from The Lookout. I'm fully recovered but still doltish enough to stick my thumb in my eye at work yesterday so hard I felt nauseous. Good times.

So there are a bunch of people I want to thank for making my 40th as memorable as it was. I had asked the party people not to send gifts but some still did. I guess saying that only makes people more creative.

Here are some gifts I got. I say some because if you came late and put something in my hand, I was too sauced to remember who you were. That isn't to say I don't appreciate your gift, however. Everyone was too generous.

Scott: Terra
Norah: Gorgeous leather bound journal. Yes, I still keep an "old school" diary
Laura: DVD (woohoo!)
Bruce & Julia: 15 ears of corn (!)... very creative. And yummy
Glen & Michelle & Bill & Kathy: Lotto tickets and scratch cards... I won $20!
Paula: The Spa gift certificate. Love it!
Chris (who couldn't make it to the party but still sent gifts... now that's dedication): an excellent movie and a very funny Haiku book. And a phone call that I sadly missed.
Graham: I haven't forgotten you, my best Aussie friend! 3 phonecalls from the other side of the world? All on my answering machine? I totally suck.
Dianne (my manager): Starbucks gift certificate. Very generous.
Rebecca from work: A Mr.Big. A running joke
Ali from work: Lindt chocolates

Gifts I found later that I totally don't remember getting and I'm so, so sorry about that: Pretty layered jar of Cranberry Pecan Muffin mix that I made yesterday and holy crap they're so yummy. And I'm proud to say that they're the first baked good I made in Terra. So thank you, stranger. And if anyone who came to the party remembers who gave that to me, a memory jog would be much appreciated!

Thanks you guys for everything. I really had the funnest party ever.

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